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Them university flings and how much actually will go the distance - DuddleDu

Them university flings and how much actually will go the distance

With the advent of a number of private universities and educational providers, gaining a professional qualification or a degree in Sri Lanka is no longer a dream for most of the students who complete their Advanced Level examinations or OLs. If by any chance you have studied in an all girls or all boys’ school, entering into a university will make you feel like entering into a different habitat, scary yet if you are a social bubble like I used to be, will be very fun from like day seven.

Acceptable age for a student to be enrolled in a university is over 18, or at the lowest 16. The emotions and hormones pumping around during this age are so strong that everything around you will start changing, or at least you’ll feel like they are changing. The cherry on top is, if you are single and is ready to mingle, you’ll be attracted to a lot of men or women (or both) around you.

University is a place where you’ll have access to a lot of ‘good looking’ under one roof. For girls, those hunky ripped fine ass boys and for boys, those slender fair and booty popping girls will surely be the eye candy that motivates you every day to get up and go for lectures. Your mothers will be amazed how this child that slept like a rock when going to school, is now up before everyone else in the house and is getting all ready to go to college. When the mother enters the room, it’s nothing but different types of smells from AXE and various other perfumes that she suddenly gets short of breath.

College is a very dynamic place. You get to see different types of girls and boys, unlike to the bunch you used to hang out in school. However, a day comes along the way, out of hundreds and thousands

of men and women, you will catch a glimpse of an angel. A person so perfect that will put all your ex-crushes to shame. You have no words to explain how perfect she is and you are determined to mark progress step by step slowly to get her attention. Every day you stay up in a spot knowing she will be there so that you can catch a glimpse of her, just to make your day a little better. The cafeteria is usually the place where you will be if you did not see her during morning lectures or the library. You reluctantly enter this God forsaken place just so you get to see her. Finally, you manage to score a smile from her. Inside of you, it is leaping with pleasure. The pleasure is so much that you feel you can down an airplane flying a thousand miles apart. A smile from this special person can go a long way, an entire day or two.

You will start to believe its love at first sight until you find out that she has a hunky ass, rich asf boyfriend living in the UK or USA. You know she is far too off of your reach for the pocket money you get from your parents. But you won’t give up. You keep trying and trying. Sometimes you get the chance to talk with her. But you realize she has friendzoned you and there’s no going back now. You feel like it’s the end of the world. You get the feeling you’ll probably die alone. So you take the Sunday newspaper and look in the ‘Mangala Kinkini’ for a rebound. Until one day, you find angel number two! It’s the first day of the new intake, new chicas, new faces and new hopes. The cycle continues my friend, till you find that one perfect person, inside or outside the university. You have to just keep looking.

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