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8 Tips on Maintaining Your Vaginal Health - DuddleDu

8 Tips on Maintaining Your Vaginal Health

Vaginal health has to be a priority of every woman who has a dynamic routine throughout the day. Here are a few tips one should follow regularly in order to keep your vagina happy, healthy and tasty to whoever you are serving it to 😉

1. Shower Regularly

Having a shower regularly is a vital factor to keep your vagina out of unwanted bacteria. Depending on your daily routine, washing your vagina more than once a day maybe necessary. If your daily routine includes physically exhausting work, make sure you keep time to clean your vagina regularly.

2. Wear Cotton or None at all

Make sure majority of your underwear is cotton or at least your sexy silk underwear has a cotton padding on the crotch, as cotton absorbs moisture and breathes air. If you are home alone, just laying on couch, go commando so that you can let things air out (a good excuse to go panty-less)

3. Use natural soaps

Avoid perfumed soap to wash your vagina as it can affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels and cause irritation. Choose an odorless soap to wash but avoid rubbing soap inside your vagina as it can destroy the vagina’s natural pH and cause odors and other problems.

4. Lube-up

When you are ready to hit the sheets with your partner sometimes your vagina won’t get the memo. Having sex while the vagina is dry can cause pain and irritation. Therefore ask your partner to always be ready with a lube to make your alone time hotter and enjoyable. However, when choosing a lube try to get an odorless and water or silicon-based lube to keep up the vaginal balance.

5. Take care if you regularly cycle

Cycling regularly in a studio or even outdoors can put your vagina at risk. It can cause genital numbness, pain and tingling. Therefore try wearing padded shorts to keep your vagina free of pain while cycling.

6. Be mindful of the order of your sex act

Make sure not go from anal to vaginal without changing the condom or cleaning. Going from back door to front express can cause unwanted germs to enter the vagina and may result in infections. This is a frequent mistake made by many couples.

7. Wipe in the correct direction

After washing your vagina always wipe from front to back. Wiping in the opposite direction can sweep germs inside the vagina.

8. See a gynecologist

Make sure you perform regular gynecological screenings to make sure that your vagina is healthy. Every woman once become sexually active should have their first gynecological exam. Performing regular tests can make sure you are safe from infections or even cancer.


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