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Beware Of These 7 Habits That Can Give You Wrinkles - DuddleDu

Beware Of These 7 Habits That Can Give You Wrinkles

Even if your skincare regime is on point, there are a number of certain habits that can cause your face to increase the chance of showing wrinkles sooner. Do not worry we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 habits that you should avoid to keep your face wrinkle-free

1. Skin exposed to the sun all day

You could be out on the road, inside your vehicle or even inside your office that has sun’s ray penetrating inside. Being exposed to the sun’s UV rays for longer periods of time during the day can cause your skin to start wrinkling soon. Therefore make sure you apply a broad spectrum sunscreen even if you’ll be inside your car on indoors to reduce the effects of UVA on your skin.

2. The City-life

Skin can age faster in the city dwellers due to the air pollution which can expose your skin to free-radical damage. These harmful molecules in the atmosphere can damage your skin by the breakdown of collagen that assists in the aging of the skin. Best ways to fight this is to always keep the skin clean. Apply an antioxidant-rich moisturizer, wash your face regularly to remove debris and use cleansers on your skin.

3. Glued to the TV all day

If you are a lazy bum, skimping on physical activity and roll up on your couch and watch the TV all day, here is an idea for you to get a gym membership ASAP. Increased physical exercise help increase collagen production to diminish wrinkles. However, if your choose to workout outside, in the sun, be sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen,

4. Constantly staring at your phone

Extensive staring down at your phone for texting or social media can cause saggy neck skin and folds around your neck and jawline to grow. Since the skin around the neck is very thin, it is prone to aging than other parts of the body. Therefore, cut back on your tech time and invest in a firming cream to be applied on your face and neck regularly.

5. Leaving the house without shades

The skin around the eyes is 40% thinner than the rest of the skin on your face.  Prone to sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays can, therefore, cause the skin the area to cause wrinkles faster. Therefore invest on a good quality sunglasses that is big enough to cover eyes, including the sensitive skin around it (ditch them Pettah ones).

6. Going to bed late

Our body goes through a 24-hour biological cycle and sleep is the time for relax and repair for every organ including the skin. When you do not get enough sleep, your body, including the skin will not function properly. Dehydration, inflammation, improper cell turnover and even acne breakouts can occur on your skin as a result of inadequate sleep. Therefore, aim for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

7. Sleeping face down

When sleeping face down can cause compression lines on your face. Therefore it is recommended to sleep face up on your back to avoid the long-term effects of compression lines on your skin. If possible opt for silk pillow cases which are gentler on your skin.

By: Good Housekeeping

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