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Bikini-ng in Sri Lanka and the consequences - DuddleDu

Bikini-ng in Sri Lanka and the consequences

The swimsuit is not a piece of clothing a majority of the Sri Lankan women are comfortable with on their skin. Around the early years of my existence, I may have run around naked around my house or would have refused to stick onto a certain piece of fancy clothing at my aunt’s wedding.

When I gradually grew up, my mother would take me to swimming classes where I was forced to wear a swimsuit. The swimsuit was a piece of clothing I was so insecure to wear in front of people. I was afraid I was showing too much of leg, my baby fat would be hanging around my hips and belly. But as the time passed by, I became somewhat secure about my body and was able to show my skin in a swimsuit. Twenty-four year now, I wonder why I never gave a chance for a bikini on me. Therefore on my recent trip to the United Kingdom, I decided to buy a bikini from Primark for no more than £15 (Rs. 3500 approx.). Trying it in my room with the door locked and the blinds wide shut, I thought that I have not made a bad purchase and headed off to ASOS to browse for more. But would I ever wear this in Sri Lanka?

Being brought up in Negombo, we have no shortage of tourists flocking to our beautiful city. The hotel pools are filled with young and old in colorful bikinis. They are not even a bit insecure about how they look like, or how others would judge them for showing off so much of skin, yet continue to have fun. But why can’t we Sri Lankan women be the same? There could be a few reasons why; the culture we are brought up in, insecurities with our body image, knowing the perverted minds of the locals and how they would react, if we run into an auntie or an uncle by any chance how they would judge us, etc. Of the above, the main reason is how the on looking men ogle at women on bikinis. This unhealthy attention on brown skin women wearing a bikini is a result of the perverted mindset of men who spend hours inside their rooms enjoying all sorts of weird pornographic material and dwell on this fiction for the rest of their lives. This mindset of the people is one factor dragging us backward as a nation.

We, women, must feel secure about how we look like and how we want to look. We should be able to try new fashion, new types of clothing even with criticism. Most importantly, the bikini is not a type of clothing we have to be afraid of wearing, even though you have a bit cellulite showing here and there. We aren’t Kardashians: we are real! Hence, be secure your with your body type, do not be scared of the unhealthy attention or any negative judgment. Take the lead in transforming the society.

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