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Dating a Co-Worker? Act Smart and Save Your Job - DuddleDu

Dating a Co-Worker? Act Smart and Save Your Job

Office-flings these days are a crazy frequent sight. In almost every workplace in the country, there are at least a few couple of couples going out. The sight is too common because there is a higher probability of falling for a person you see every day because you catch a certain trait in their personality that makes you fall in love with them. However, you could face a number of repercussions if you are violating the company’s fraternizing policy. Therefore without jeopardizing your job and career take immediate action to protect your job. Here are a few tips,

Check the company policy regarding office romance

If you are still on the initial stage of crushing over a co-worker, you are safe. Before taking any further steps check your company handbook on their policy on office romance. If there is no mention of such a policy, you could be partly safe. But the issue is if you are already dating a co-worker and your company prohibits it. Then the wisest choice would be to keep your relationship confidential as possible and as long as you can.

Do not let anyone know; not even your office best friend

Do not let any of the other co-workers know that you are dating because word travels fast inside closed walls; faster than diarrhea from a bad restaurant. Especially if you are dating your supervisor or even your boss, the other co-workers can get jealous thinking you are sleeping your way over to the top. Therefore the wise method would be to keep the fling between the two dating.

Avoid PDA

Always, always, avoid public display of affection inside the office. Do not even try to share a smooch inside the inventory room because, in a place like an office, the walls and doors have many ears and eyes glued to them. You could think you are being very careful, but it only takes a few seconds for another person get the hint that you are dating a co-worker. The best part of jarring up all the romantic emotions till you get off from the office is that when you two find a safe place to smooch up and all the fun you want.

Plan your exits and entrances

Do not always come to the office and leave the office together, unless you have a good excuse for it (e.g.: we are sharing the same office transport OR we are carpooling). Plan the times you arrive and leave the office. Decide on a place outside the workplace to meet up. If you two are taking leave on the same date to go on a romantic getaway, make sure not to post anything in the social media of your locations or photos. Say you two have different plans when requesting leave.

If asked by the HR, accept.

Finally, it comes to a position you can hide it no more and someone from some corner of the office has reported your relationship to the HR. The wise thing to do would be to accept and face the consequences unless you are looking for some drama.

Although dating a co-worker could be thrilling and exciting it comes with a fair share of consequences if the relationship breaks off. You would be forced to work with your ex every day and if things end on a bad note he or she may end up jeopardizing your job and the career. The cost is high if you were dating your boss. Therefore always take caution when initiating a relationship with a coworker.

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