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How to Get Your Girlfriend to Say That You Are AMAZING In Bed? - DuddleDu

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Say That You Are AMAZING In Bed?

Through mind-blowing sex of course. Here’s how…

It’s not easy to please a woman in bed, especially when men and women want different things to be fulfilled by each other during intercourse. Also, it is not easy to get a woman to reach an orgasm. It’s so much work and a lot of attention to detail if you have in mind to please your woman. Sadly, in the Sri Lankan cultural context, such topics aren’t freely discussed hence bad sex and failed relationships are common. Since the sexual chemistry between a man and a woman is the main factor that determines the health of a relationship, here are a few tips to woo your woman in bed

Create the scene

It must have been a busy day of work for both of you and to top it off you might have brought home a salad instead of the cheese kottu she asked for. But you can still save the day. Man up, kiss her neck, hug her tight and slowly create the scene

Foreplay is very important

It is true that men want to get into the insertions as soon as possible. But women are longing for foreplay. Double the usual time you spend on foreplay. Tease her and make her wait for more. Invent more moves and surprise her.

Women love going down on them

Some men do not like at all to go down on their woman. What I have to say to them is to man up! It’s your girl, you might spend an eternity with her. Therefore going down on the woman is an important part of the entire act. In return, she will please you in ways you cannot imagine.

More senses in the clitoris

The little nub on top of the woman’s labia has double the senses than the tip of a man’s penis due to the many nerve endings. During intercourse apply a little pressure to that area with your finger or when going down on her focus on that area more.

Change the tempo

It is important that the act is balanced out with different tempos. Go harder on instances where appropriate and go softer on instances where appropriate. Change of tempo will result in a balanced act and you will save energy when it is required.

Let her take in charge but fight back and surrender

Seriously, is there anything hotter than a woman who rules your world (in bed)? If she is trying to dominate the act that means she is enjoying the action. But do not let her dominate the act for too long, fight back; grab her hair, kiss her neck, bite her gently and then she will fight back again and lure you in for more action. Finally, you surrender and make her the queen!

These simple tips will help you take your woman to distances she has not even dreamed of sexually. When you treat her, she will give you her world! Tell us how you feel when she tells her friends how great you are in bed. Make the bed great again!


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