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The Ultimate Guide on How to Apply Makeup - DuddleDu

The Ultimate Guide on How to Apply Makeup

Applying makeup correctly is no walk in the park. Most of us are used to apply everything everywhere on our face and will sometimes appear a little funny to our onlookers. Here is the ultimate guide on applying the main types of makeup products on your face, in the correct areas.


Concealer is the savior for all of us with patchy skin. It helps cover the dark circles, age spots, blemishes and pores visible on the skin. It is best if the concealer is applied around the eyes, nose and lips and blended throughout the face for a uniform look.


The highlighter is a product that gives a glowing look to your face if applied correctly. It has to be applied on the face contrast to where the natural light falls on so that it highlights the hidden features. The ideal spots on the face to apply the highlighter is on the temple, on top of the nose, on top of the cheekbones and below the lip area. Be mindful to choose the correct shade for your skin.


Blush is a staple makeup product that completes the look. Blushes can be chosen from different shades of pink. It could be matte or glitter; make sure you choose the correct type based on the occasion. When applying blush, it is best to apply it on the top of your cheekbones. It enhances the shape of your face and highlights your cheeks.


If you search the internet how to do contour makeup you’ll find hundreds of links on how to do it. For contouring, you can use a foundation with the shade darker than your face colour. It has to be applied on the areas contrast to where you applied the highlighter. The best spots are the inner areas of your face such as the top and bottom of your face, below the cheekbones and the outer area of your nose.


Bronzers give your face the glam look you’ll want to have on your face on the dancefloor. The ideal bronzer for your skin is two browns darker than your skin tone. Apply bronzer on the areas on your face where you apply the contouring makeup.


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