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YUE CHUAN- The Kingsbury (Review) - DuddleDu

YUE CHUAN- The Kingsbury (Review)

Recently, I had a present experience in a reputed Chinese Restaurant in the city, Yue Chuan in the Kingsbury Hotel. Here’s my take on how well we were served during our visit. We visited the restaurant for dinner on Friday night. Surprisingly, it was not packed like a lot of other restaurants in Colombo on a Friday night. We were greeted warmly and the seating was comfortable. Interestingly, they even gave a tiny chair to seat my inexpensive handbag.


This is a very classy looking restaurant where attention has been given to every single detail in this establishment. I particularly liked the chandeliers. During the time I visited Yue Chuan (around 8 pm on Friday), it was quite and not crowded and when I left the place only about 50% of the place was occupied.

Food and Beverages

Yue Chuan serves authentic Chinese food and you can easily have a great Chinses food experience in this place. Being a Chinese food buff myself I extremely enjoyed the food we were served with.

Beverages: We were given two separate menus for food and for beverages. Beverage menu consisted of almost everything including fresh juices, mocktails, cocktails, liqueurs and hard liquors. After browsing through many options I decided to order a mocktail called the Irish Cream. One sip of it and I was taken to my happy place; it was pretty good!

Food: We did not get any appetizers, but ordered two types of noodles; a Szechuan style fried noodle with seafood vegetables and a seafood vermicelli. For side dishes, we ordered all-time favorite, hot butter cuttlefish, a devilled chicken dish and a hot-butter mushroom dish. The food was really delicious, vermicelli was my favorite. There are no complaints in the hot butter cuttlefish and the chicken surprisingly had a very generous amount of cashews unlike a lot of other places. Mothers, if you want to feed your kids vegetables the best way would be to fry them in the batter. Likewise, we couldn’t get enough of the hot butter mushroom dish.

However, the dishes were a little smaller compared to other places. They offer you the option of ordering a large or a small dish. We went for all large dishes but did not really feel very large when they arrived at our table.

Dessert: The dessert menu had a few good option, not many. We ordered a lava cake with ice cream and a fried ice cream. This was my first time trying fried ice cream, even though I have seen this many times on the internet. Lava cake was a bit of a disappointment as it had very little lava inside, the one you get at pizza hut is a little better. The Much awaited fried ice cream was a disappointment though, as the ice cream was all melted. However, I don’t understand how the internet people can make fried ice cream without melting the ice cream in their videos. I believe their dessert menu require better options to keep up with the quality of their mains.


Yue Chuan at the Kingsbury is an excellent option for you to satisfy your Chinese food cravings. Here’s a summary rating of the main aspects.





Value for money:      


Price for two: Rs. 5000 (including taxes) approx.

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