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T-Lounge by Dilmah by the Beach (Negombo) - DuddleDu

T-Lounge by Dilmah by the Beach (Negombo)

It is with much delight that I write this article of one of the few places I hang out a lot in my city. T-lounge by Dilmah by the beach was opened only last year and from then on there’s no shortage of customers flocking to this place to have a good cup of tea and a good time. Its specialty is that all of their food and drinks are infused with their tea. You can get their best quality tea, to have it there or to purchase in their packaging and well-crafted snacks and desserts, all infused with Dilmah tea. T-lounge by Dilmah by the beach is situated in the Sea Street in Negombo, just in front of Jetwing Blue.


T-lounge by Dilmah by the beach is not a big place. It has seating inside and outside and can accommodate around 30 people. The interior design of this place is amazing. It has a very creative ceiling décor and the place is full of bright and brilliant colors. The seating is comfortable and is super cozy. This place is best if you want to hang out with your friends and have long talks.

Food and Beverages

Like I mentioned above, almost all their food is infused with tea; which is their specialty. They have dedicated a few good pages of their excellent tea. They also serve tea smoothies, freshly brewed iced tea, sparkling tea, T-tk and T-shakes. We ordered ourselves a cinnamon T-tk (Rs. 350) and a blueberry and pomegranate iced tea (Rs. 350). Cinnamon T-tk was not as heavy as Teh Tarik you would find in other places. It had a good balance of sweet. We recommend you try this. Blueberry and Pomegranate Iced Tea we suggest is the best cure to freshen your hot summer sweats. They had a very interesting technique to keep the drink cool for a longer period of time, by placing a small slab of ice on the top of the drink and putting a straw from the middle of it. We really enjoyed both the beverages we had and recommend you try them


For food, we ordered two salads, a burger and a waffle. The salads were a Tea-inspired smoky chicken Caesar (Rs. 750) and Asian crunchy Soba noodles, vegetable salad and peanut dressing. Tea-inspired smoky chicken Caesar was really good, it had a very generous amount of chicken pieces, and the dressing was really good and tastes a lot better than any dull salad. However, the Asian crunchy Soba noodles, vegetable salad and peanut dressing salad did not live up to the expectation. It was dry and the only exciting part was Soba noodles.


We later ordered a burger and a waffle. The burger was a Spicy Tuna and a Potato Cutlet Burger. The interesting part was the burger had pol sambol stuffed in it with the Tuna patty. The waffle was a Spicy Chicken Waffle, again, well cooked, and topped with cheese and crunchy waffle.

Since we were full from the above dishes, we decided to go light on dessert, despite the many great choices they had. For dessert had Churros with chocolate sauce. Highly recommended! It was the perfect wrap for a perfect meal.


T-lounge by Dilmah by the beach is an excellent choice if you want to have a good company with good food. The tea is very cozy and the staff is amazingly friendly. We recommend everyone go to this place.





Value for money:    


Price for two: Rs. 4000 (including taxes)

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