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Guide to Choose the Best Type of Sunglasses For Your Face

Sunglasses to Match Your Face

It could sometimes be a struggle to find the perfect pair of sunglasses that fits your face. However, working under the blazing sun, it is important that you protect your eyes from sun’s dangerous UV rays using a pair of sunglasses that fits your face. Here are a few of the famous types of sunglasses and which face types are suitable for each.

Determine the shape of your face first.

  1. Round- A round face has noticeable curves and less defined angles
  2. Square- It has generally the same length and width around the face and has a broad forehead and a strong jaw line
  3. Oval- These type of faces are generally round in shape but are a little longer from the forehead to the jaw line
  4. Oblong- also called the rectangular shaped face, are long and narrow with few angles.
  5. Diamond- They have a narrow jawline and a forehead with wider cheekbones
  6. Heart- Can also be interpreted as a triangle, has wide temples and narrow chins.

Sunglass types


Anyone who’s watched Tom Cruise in Top Gun would have always wanted to try out actor’s iconic aviator style. Since the movie, it has become popular worldwide. Square, oval and heart shaped faces are best suitable for this type of sunglasses


These sunglasses are generally oversized and are used to cover more parts of the face than eyes. This type is most suited to the ones with square, oval or heart shaped faces


As the name suggests, rectangle type of sunglasses has rectangular shaped lenses, which are wider and tall. This type is most suitable for round, oblong or oval type of faces.


The round shaped sunglass has been around for a long time and has recently gained popularity again. They were first invented in 1940’s and were worn by many famous people including John Lennon. Square, oval, diamond and heart shaped faces are greatly benefitted by this of sunglass.


Square shaped sunglasses are similar to the rectangle type, only the length and width of the lenses are equal. This type can be used to add some shape to round and narrow faces. Hence, this type looks well in round, oval and oblong type of faces.


Wayfarer type of sunglasses have been in the market for a long time since the 1950’s and are popular to date as they are worn by many famous people. What is interesting of this type is that almost all the face shapes can wear this sunglasses.


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