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To the ‘Loku Aiyas’ in bars and nightclubs in Sri Lanka - DuddleDu

To the ‘Loku Aiyas’ in bars and nightclubs in Sri Lanka

A letter to those ‘Loku Aiyas’ who shamelessly harass women inside bars and nightclubs in Sri Lanka

Dearest Loku Aiya,

I was recently out and about in Colombo with a few girlfriends of mine, when I suddenly met you at this ‘posh’ night club in Colombo. At first, I didn’t really notice you because we were only here for a good time. But later when me and my friends sat on some bar stools next to you and your fellow ‘Aiyas’, you, with no hesitation what so ever started harassing my friend.

I kinda dug your personal style (pun intended!); white shirt, thick gold bracelet, heavily gelled (or oiled) hair with some sexy pair of sandals. But not the face, though. Honestly, it was a sight for sore eyes! You were rolling around the club like you own it, but you don’t. You knew all the barmen and the bouncers. I saw you tried to make conversation with some strange men too. But that’s all alright. What is not alright is you trying to harass pretty girls who were there to have a good time and just go home.

If you were too intoxicated to remember, how the incident went on, here you go. Us, girls were merry making around the club singing, dancing and talking with friends. When we got a little tired, we sat on some bar stools next to where and your other aiyas were seated. We only wanted to peacefully order some drinks and move on. But instead, you manhandled a pretty friend of mine trying to get her number and get her to come with you to go home. When she rejected, you went on to verbally abuse her with some cheap slang you might have heard growing up as a child from your household. But, you didn’t stop there, when you saw she wasn’t reacting to what you said like you expected, you pulled her hair and started threatening her. To our surprise, none of the staff members took any action against your behavior. Instead, they turned their heads up, down, left and right. When you let her go, we rushed to get out of that God forsaken place, when suddenly a bouncer asked us what the issue was. When we explained to them the situation, they came and asked the staff inside about you. We thought for once there are a few good people left at this place. But when the staff yelled, “It’s all okay, ask them to leave”, we made a pact in our heads to never ever return to this place.

Loku Aiya, you might feel like you did something very manly, trying to harass a girl. Every time you do something like this, you might have been able to get away with it like it’s no big deal. But trust me on this, someday, you will harass a sister, a girl friend or a wife another very Loku Aiya, bigger than you. Trust me when I say this, on that day you’ll learn a lesson like you’ve never learned before and the big dick of yours that you are trying to wiggle all over the place now will hide behind your balls sacks like a tiny mouse running away from a cat.

So be careful


Chooti nangi

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