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A review on Manhattan Fish Market, Colombo on the overall quality

The Manhattan Fish Market- Colombo


We recently visited Manhattan Fish Market in Colombo after some time and thought of sharing with you how it went. I first visited Manhattan Fish Market around the time they first opened in Colombo but did not really like their dishes as they were a bit pricey and the fish tasted bland. However, after being recommended by a few friends recently that they have changed a lot of aspects, we thought of giving it another try and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food, the prices and almost everything overall. They had a couple of promotions running too, point!


No complaints about the ambiance. The place has two stories with ample seating. During Friday and Saturday nights it tends to get a little crowded and loud due to the chitter chatter of everyone with happy tummies.

Food and Beverages

They serve a variety of starters, mains, platters, desserts and beverages. Even though they are proclaimed to be a sea food restaurant, they serve meat dishes as well. As the starter, we ordered a dish of fried calamari. The dish had a generous amount of calamari served with chili sauce.

For mains, we ordered spicy baked rice and coastal baked seafood rice. They also serve a variety of other options for mains such as poached and grilled seafood/chicken dishes, flaming dishes and pasta. The spicy baked rice is a treat for anyone looking to have something a little more than the typical spicy. It was served with a bowl of rice with some steamed vegetables and baked fish with a spicy gravy sauce.

The coastal baked rice was what I had and it was nothing but perfect! The dish liked the above was served with a bowl of rice and some steamed vegetables. The gravy, in particular, was a real treat to my taste buds. It had a variety of carefully baked seafood such as calamari, prawns and fish.

We also ordered a sharing platter which had ‘everything fried’! It was served with four types of sauces and is enough to feed around 5 people as a side dish.

For drinks, we ordered a melon breeze and a lemongrass cooler. Both the drinks had nothing much to brag about, just regular drinks with a lot of ice. It would be refreshing to try them on a warm afternoon.

Finally, for dessert, they had a promotion where when you buy two types dessert, you get the third one free. Hence, we ordered a cookie sundae, citrus sundae and a strawberry flamin-go. All three desserts were a treat to my sweet tooth. Strawberry flamin-go was torched to caramelize the marshmallows on the top. They were all pretty good.


Manhattan Fish Market, in conclusion, has transformed to a ‘value-for-money’ place that serves good food. It is a great place to satisfy your seafood cravings. The beverages, in general, has to improve. But the desserts were really good. The staff was friendly and greeted us when we entered and left the place. Even on a busy night, the food was on our table within almost 15 minutes we ordered them. We recommend everyone to try out MFM and let us know how it went for you J





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