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Marriage and wedding: know the difference - DuddleDu

Marriage and wedding: know the difference

Anna is now 27 years old, hoping to get married to a man she hardly knows. Anna is the quiet type of a girl, who is religious and indoorsy. She always listens to her parents and never does anything against their will. Around 4 years ago, she was involved with a guy who was good looking but did not match the likes of her parents. Therefore, she stopped the affair against her will and let her parents decide her fate.

For 4 years now, her parents, together with a ‘Kapu Mahattaya’ have proposed to her over a dozen of men in whom she could find many misfitting qualities. Also, over the years, she has seen a number of her friends getting hitched, making her one of the few singletons left among her friends. Looking at her friends and their beautiful weddings, she only thought to her self when her day would come. Or worse, whether there would not be such a day at all; glamorous bridal gowns, pretty flowers, thumping spread of food and so on.

Hence, she overlooks the misfitting qualities of this man her parents set her up with and finally makes up her mind to marry a guy who is not as half as good as some of the very first men she was proposed to. This guy is a total stranger to her. It took her few days to make peace with the fact that she is actually marrying this guy. But to make up her mind, she browses Pinterest and creates a board called ‘My wedding stuff’. She is now set up in a fairy land with a fairy tale wedding, except for she is not marrying her prince charming. She has already made bookings in hotels, booked a make-up artist, decided on the maids, but only has spoken to the groom to be over the phone after they’ve met for the first time in front of the parents. They haven’t gone on an actual date nor have spoken at least a few hundred words with each other face to face. But she is excited about the wedding. What would happen after the wedding she does not know.

Wedding a one day function to celebrate the union of two people for a lifetime marriage. But people sometimes don’t think what would happen after the wedding day. The problem with arranged marriages in the society today is that they are not arranged marriages but arranged weddings. The bride nor the groom do not see a future beyond their fairy tale wedding. Though it is true everyone deserves a memorable day, people do not think of the life after the wedding; the marriage. Do you ask your self, am I really attracted to this guy? Would he look after with me and care for me? Or would I see myself growing old with him?

The wedding is just an affair for one day. But the marriage is forever. Do not rush into a marriage just because you can finally have a memorable wedding. Always think whether you are ready to spend a lifetime after the wedding with the person you are marrying…

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