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Are you leading your man to cheat on you? - DuddleDu

Are you leading your man to cheat on you?

Marriage is not a walk in the park. It takes commitment, patience, sacrifice and a lot of other qualities. You and your partner might have had the best time when you two were just lovers. But things might have got complicated now that you are married. Or even more complicated if you have kids and a dog.

Men often cheat on their wives because they do not get what they expect from their partners. While a few percentage of men have the ‘cheater gene’ in their blood and would go after a young blonde bombshell leaving their wives, others might be just doing it to get out of a depressed family life. All they crave is a loving touch or a simple interaction from the women they love. Even if they are with another woman, they still love their wives at home.

Men are a type of creature who isn’t really what they show they are. They might be putting up a stern manly image up front but deep down there’s a little kid inside of them running around seeking love and intimacy. A simple cuddle, soft touch, good morning kiss and gentle sex often will be more than enough to keep your man to only yourself. Married life could be hard than one expects. It was all a walk in the park, dive in a bed of roses when you two were dating. But after marriage it might all a kick in your crotch, spit on your mouth awful. Because you have to think of managing finances, feeding your family every day and a million other stuff that really matters. But while thinking of all that, us, wives forget one very important thing. That is to keep the love between your partner and yourself which you had for him when it was not so chaotic earlier. While money is a vital factor in every family, do not only focus on that. Focus on balancing the finances while you have a good life with your husband. Because one day you’ll have a lot of money saved, but the love of your life might be gone.

Sex is the foundation of a good marriage. Sex is one of the main factors that binds a man and a woman together. The reason why it is important that the couple has to be sexually compatible if they are planning a life ahead together. It is important to identify your man’s sexual preferences. Most of the men do not want ‘porn star sex’ all the time. But what they want is intimate and gentle love making from the woman they love. Most of the men have their own sexual preferences, such as oral sex. But not all women are on approval with all the fantasies of men. What is important is to be with a man that is on the same page as your sexual preferences.  Men want their partners to have a good time in the bedroom as well; more than them. They would love to perform oral sex on their woman to see that you are enjoying every bit of it. Like I’ve said earlier sexual compatibility is extremely vital between you and your partner. Because there are a lot of different types of women and a lot of them who would just want to prey on a beautiful family and grab away your man for his money or for other reasons.

Another reason is when kids come along and due to certain other factors, the requirement might arise for the wife to temporarily move into another bed where your husband is not beside you. But it is the wives duty to make sure that she moves back as soon as possible to sleep beside the husband. Because a man and a woman sleeping in different beds could be the start of drifting your partner apart. True, it is important to make sure the kids are fine and they are fed. But what men often complaint is that their wives always give kids and the dog more attention than for them. Sure the dog is cute and cuddly and would lick you no matter what, but make sure you give your man more attention and affection than you give to your dog.

Everyone blames the man in a broken family. But most of them do not understand that a wife has a very important part in saving the family and moving forward. True, it is a lot of work for women to satisfy everyone’s needs and wants. But make sure the love between you and your partner never cease away. If you feel like you two are drifting apart, or if he might be unhappy in the marriage always talk and try to spice things up. Try something in the bedroom he’ll love, talk to him, listen to what he has to say about his work and troubles. Give priority to your man.

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