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Diplomatic over Idiotic, please! - DuddleDu

Diplomatic over Idiotic, please!

Tuesday, the 10th October 2017 was a normal day, until a couple of our colleagues came to office after a site visit while on the road for more than 4 hours. No, they didn’t go that far. They were just in Biyagama. What has happened was that SAITM loving state university students were out on the road protesting. I knew then I would not reach home (Negombo) past 8 pm 🙁 . I have a few concerns regarding these protests and if there are any state university students reading this article, please do answer them

  1. SAITM was there during the previous regime as well and nobody had any issues regarding its existence then. So why now?
  2. State University students study for free off of the taxpayers’ money of Sri Lanka. So is it fair to hit your sponsors on the balls after a long day of work by all these protests you guys start when we are hoping to go home after work ASAP?
  3. As far as I know, state university students are the few percentage of this country’s population that was able to get really good results from the A/L’s and got selected to universities. Do you not think of a better and a diplomatic way of solving this issue than protesting on the road?
  4. Many countries have good quality private medical schools, so why can’t we also have such given that the quality improves?
  5. Is abolishing the only solution for this? Why not improve the quality?
  6. Isn’t this just a protest to reduce the competition so ONLY state university students become doctors in this country?

While I would very much like to get a response for the above, I sincerely request the students to practice a more diplomatic method of airing their concerns. Our state education infrastructure is still not dominant enough to give higher education to thousands of students who sit for A/L’s every year, the reason why our government has let good quality private universities to get established in this country. Remember not everyone is not wealthy enough to go abroad and study as well. These students studying in private universities are those who sat next to you in school. Who struggled to find a path after A/L’s coz they didn’t get into a state university. But they are trying. They are trying to get some education so that they can feed their families. Why protest against your fellow brothers and sisters who are trying to make a living out of a legit education?

Photo credits: Dharshana Manamendra


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