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Last Week: Episode 04 - DuddleDu

Last Week: Episode 04

16-Oct-2017 to 22-Oct-2017

Hi all! Hope you had a fantastic past week. Last week’s weather has been very unpredictable. Some days it would be really hot and on some days we would be getting rain. Hope this week would not be as hot and not be that wet too. Here’s how my past week went

Monday was nothing much except for I hoped that we would win the 3rd ODI between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, but we didn’t. Even though Pakistan was losing wickets fast in the first innings we were losing wickets faster than they were in our second innings. Sad stuff.

I hope y’all remember I said I was leaving my current workplace. I left on Wednesday, which was Deepavali. Since some of my teammates would not be there the next day, they had planned me a surprise farewell on Tuesday. I never expected them anything as such since I was there only for two months. But it was so sweet of them to do something like that for me. The proper farewell was on Wednesday, which was a tad bit difficult. I wish my team all the very best of luck. If you have anything to be developed in RFID, NFC or IoT arenas, they are the ones to go for. Wednesday evening my man took me out for food. So yeii

So on Thursday and Friday, I had the chance to lay in the bed as long as I want before starting back my work on the new place on Monday. But on Thursday, I went to the hospital with Romesh for some check-ups. But overall the two days were pretty relaxed.

Have you guys noticed the ‘Proud to be’ frames on Facebook?  As usual, while some are using it, some are criticizing it. But that’s how Facebook is. Anyhow, there were some pretty funny frames out there as well and here’s some.

On Saturday, my baby loves me so much that he took me out for food again. Saturday is any way our eat-out night. There was an Oktoberfest happening at the Heritance Negombo, but we went to our usual hang-out spot, which is our cozy hide-out after a hard week of work. Here’s a yummilicious cheesecake I tried.

Looking for a brand-new week as I join my previous workplace. Can’t wait for the new adventure. I pray to God it’ll be alright.

That’s how my last week went. Looking forward to a happy new week. I hope all of you have a great week too.

Kisses x

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