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How Sri Lankan 'Posh' Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

How Sri Lankan ‘Posh’ Are You?

You just got your salary. What would you do?

There’s a wedding coming up next month and you have to buy some clothes. Where would you go

A typical dinner out with your partner is to

How do you usually pose for photos?

A usual Friday night looks like

How do you usually commute to places?

Favourite Sri Lankan TV show

How Sri Lankan 'Posh' Are You?
You are 100% Sri Lankan posh

You are extremely posh. You have posh friends, posh places to hangout and eat posh food too. You are a gem for this country. Keep posh-ing
You are 70% Sri Lankan posh

You are posh, but there are posher people out there. You are probably looking out to save some cash while having fun. But to be more posh you have to make those savings go down the drain honey
You are 50% Sri Lankan posh

You are balanced between posh and not so posh. You'll have to forget your Sri Lankan roots, money saved up and go put your funky dancing shoes on and go party babe! Get that body moving to the posh-posh vibes...
You are 5% Sri Lankan posh

You are not posh at all. You are a true Sri Lankan. Do not change who you are 🙂
You are 80% Sri Lankan posh

You are posh. Posher than a lot of people in Sri Lanka. But there's a little work to do. Go down the road you are in and you'll probably be 100% posh in the near future

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