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Last Week: Episode 05 - DuddleDu

Last Week: Episode 05

22-Oct-2017 to 20-Nov-2017

It’s been a few weeks since I was able to write what happened during the last week of my life. Probably because there was a learning curve involved in getting used to the new place of work. Even though I know the people, I knew the type of work seems like a lot has changed. People have changed, way of work has changed and a lot more. I’m still getting settled and is anticipating many challenges in the days to come.

Anyway, I couldn’t keep track of a lot of things that happened during the past 4-5 weeks. But here are some of the highlights. On 28th October, Saturday we had one of the best night-outs ever and came home around 4 a.m. I’m so glad my parents are cool. We were able to check-out some of the famous night-out spots in Colombo for the first time. First, we went to Re.Pub.Lk. it was such as nice and cozy little place perfect for hang-outs. Probably not the best option for pre-drinks before going clubbing. If you know of any good places for the pre-drinks comment below. From the outside of the restaurant, you get a great view of the World Trade Centre.

Here’s a picture of us at Dutch.

Later we went to Disques in Racecourse. The place is a little difficult to get in after midnight. But thanks to a couple of our friends inside we were able to get in. This place gets heated by after midnight. Didn’t know that about the clubbing scene in Colombo. Anyways had a great time. Even though had a few embarrassing falls on the way to the vehicle afterwards, went home safe and sound. Do not ask me about the following morning. 😀

On 6th November, I was expecting a package from ASOS; a pair of shoes I ordered for my father’s birthday. Instead, I received a note from the Packet Handling Division of Colombo Main Post Office, asking me to come and collect the package after paying the related fees. Brrr! I went there the following day. Surprisingly it took less than one hour to collect my package by had to pay an amount of about 20% of the cost of the package. After going through all this trouble, the least I expected was for the shoes to be a perfect fit for my father. It wasn’t! Lesson learned; do not order shoes online unless you are pretty confident about the size and the fit.

The petrol shortage has been stirring the country the same week. It was a nightmare. For the first time in my life, I thought how hard it would be to survive without petrol in this country. Anyways the situation settled by the end of the week. But today, I heard again that there’s likely going to be another shortage. Gave the news to my thatthi and Romesh as soon as I heard the news. Let’s see whether it’s for real this time too.

Work is exciting. In the week to come, I will be outside Colombo, in Thulhiriya the whole week. Can’t wait for the new adventure and the learnings to come. More than that, can’t wait for Christmas to be here!!! I’m planning my salary for all the gifts to buy and waiting for Black Friday deals. Hope you all have a great week ahead. I shall write as soon as I get time again.

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