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Celebrating Christmas in your mid 20’s and 30’s - DuddleDu

Celebrating Christmas in your mid 20’s and 30’s

It’s the time of the year again. End of the year, Christmas spirit everywhere. As kids, we used to be so excited for Christmas. Why? Coz we would be getting one month holiday from school, parents would take us shopping and buy us fancy fancy clothes, Santa would bring us something we were waiting for our entire lifetime. So much happiness, so much joy. It was so fun to be celebrating Christmas as kids, wasn’t it?

Then you start growing up. Hit your 20’s, then mid 20’s to 30’s and so on. Parents give you a good education. You bust your ass and somehow get through. Then you bust your ass furthermore and get settled into a shit paying job. Now you have a ‘job’ and all the fairy-tale is all over. You save a few dimes every month and by December, tears pop out of your eyes every time you open your purse as if you are cutting onions. Or you might be in a rewarding position where your family knows your salary and it’s impossible for you to be a cheapskate and buy them inexpensive gifts also. Name it, you have to get iPhones, watches, designer handbags, PS4 players spending about a year’s salary. The biggest problem you might think is you going butt broke. But no. You are in constant fear whether they would like your gift or not. Whatever said and done, you know deep down if your loved ones like the gift you get them and when their faces light up, your heart pleads with joy as well. That is for us where the real joy in Christmas is. Also, to spend your hard-earned annual leave during the Christmas week.

What I’m trying to say for a couple of paragraphs is the spirit and joy of Christmas is a funny thing growing up. When we are small, it comes all easy to us. You name it and get what we want. But when you hit your mid 20’s, you realize the hardships in life and nothing makes you happier than seeing your loved ones happy and being able to make them happy. Especially during Christmas. You understand the values of family and gradually understand the hardships your parents might have gone through to make you happy back then.

Christmas is a wonderful time for everyone to be happy. Have a blessed Christmas everyone and have a great new year. I know I’ll be counting days till I get my salary in January.

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