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The Bitter and Butter of being in a Relationship - DuddleDu

The Bitter and Butter of being in a Relationship

When a girl or a guy reaches their mid-teenage years in life, it is a fantasy of everyone to be in a relationship. For more than they knew what happens in a relationship, they want to experience and experiment what the hoo-haa is all about. Not a lot of teenage relationships make it till the end. It is only during the early twenties or later, a person finds a better partner of their liking. We are mature then and can identify someone who would better suit our lifestyle and preferences. However, not everyone succeeds in finding a suitable partner for life. Some might find a wrong match while some altogether fail in this process. The common belief is that it is not easy to find someone who would stick with you through thick and through thin, and if they do, you are the lucky one.

Even though everyone wants to be a loving relationship, it takes a lot of work, commitment and heartache to make it work. Finding a partner for a relationship happen in two ways- first is the instant attraction at first sight. You see this person in a gathering or out somewhere and you instantly develop a likeness caused by attraction towards this person. You do not know anything about him/her yet, but you are adamant to get to know her and develop a relationship. The second is when you’ve known this person for some time and something it does or you start seeing them in a different light that you suddenly think to yourself that you like him very much as to develop a relationship. I cannot comment which of these ways is better in the long run. But solely depending on the person you are going to be with, the attitudes of both of you and some external factors, it is either going to be a walk in the park, bringing hell closer to your life or something in between.

Talking about the bitter in relationships, everyone in relationships goes through this more than you expect it and that is hardly inevitable. We do not find partners who are 100% compatible with us and we cannot change a person to a 100% where he is completely compatible with our ways. The beauty of a relationship is that we understand our differences and try to work it out. But it is easier told than done. The more you are convinced you are correct in every disagreement, the more it is difficult to get through the bitter in relationships. It is the duty of both the parties involved to identify the issue and work it through. It becomes difficult in such situations because you love this person so much that you cannot see them disagreeing with you or behaving in ways you cannot tolerate. It is said that the person whom you love the most brings out the most pain in you.

However, relationships are not all bitter, there’s butter as well. That’s why you see a lot of happy couples surrounding us. When there are no fights, no disagreements, you have a companion for life. You have someone to talk to day and night, to talk about how your day went, your achievements, your downfalls, the problems and everything from A-Z. You feel something you’ve never felt. A void inside of you is filled and it is so good to have someone beside you, who builds you and brings you up when you fall. When things are better, there is no feeling in the world that can beat it. The memories you two make are cherished for a lifetime.

Being in a good relationship is to accept all the bitter and butter and move forward. The reason why our grandparents were able to build families and still continue to be loving with each other till death is because they mended what was broken, unlike today you throw away what’s broken. Being in a relationship is not easy but the magic is understanding both of your differences and working it through.         

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